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Why BanksFlix?

What if you could have a streaming service to watch whatever you want... for free? What if you could request any movie or show you want? What if you had direct contact with the owner of that service? Well, all of those things are true with BanksFlix! Just go to the contact tab and get in touch with me to request access or to learn more!

As you can see above, having two servers does not mean you need to log in in two locations. It's all visible on your Plex home, all you have to do is pin it! View the Help tab on the website for more info.

Requesting Content

Getting the content you want has never been easier. Head to the request tab on the website to start requesting whatever you want! With a whopping 30 Terabytes of storage available and only 1/3 used, there is plenty of space for any movie or show in 4k or HD. 

Just head to the respective anime or regular website, log in with your Plex account, and request away!

Introducing BanksFlix Cloud!

A full cloud solution for secure and private storage of your photos, documents, and whatever else you want to privately store away from prying eyes. Unlimited storage for free! Check out the cloud page here on the website for more info.

Features include document scanning and text recognition, export to PDF, document, spreadsheet, and presentation editing (in all supported formats), image storage and sharing, album creation, and more!

Want in?

Head to the contact tab of this website, and click on "request access." Fill out the form, and I'll grant you access! Go to the Cloud tab for requesting cloud access. It's that easy! Hope you enjoy! -Thomas